Professional Writing and Rhetoric: A Guide to Rhetorical Strategies

"He steps on stage and draws the sword of rhetoric, and when he is through someone is lying wounded and thousands of others are angry or consoled"
-Pete Hamill


Our sword-bearing friend here probably takes a number of things too seriously. There is an unfortunate tendency to view anything involving rhetoric as a deadly serious study that involves pouring over ancient texts and applying the truisms of millennia-old rhetoricians to modern texts. While rhetoric can involve using methods invented by Aristotle, Cicero and the like, Professional Writing and Rhetoric involves applying common-sense principals to situations that occur frequently in the professional world. In PWR there are no swords, no stages and no wounding, although rugged facial hair does occur in some cases.

Professional writing is a very broad term for a field that covers many different areas. This wiki breaks down some of the background information that goes into defining Professional Writing. In the links throughout the wiki, definitions, historical facts, and examples can be found to help understand the field of Professional Writing. Additionally, five different professions (Graphic Design, Marketing, Advertising, Legal Writing, and the practice of Law in the Courtroom) and annotated bibliographies are included to emphasis the application of Professional Writing to each field.